Would You Match Outfits With Your Significant Other?


Fashion in relationships can often be a funny thing.Maybe you love your partner’s style, but don’t really like it yourself. Perhaps you’ve fought tooth and nail to convince them to get rid of the one item they hate or have bought them some new replacements as gifts just to get their attention. There are couples who match each other perfectly in terms of looks, personality, and lifestyle.

If you’ve ever visited South Korea, then you may have noticed that many couples dress similarly. This is because many people there use a “couple look” to show others they’re an “item.” But it isn’t just happening in Asia. It’s happening everywhere. French matching couple and photographer Nelson Tiberghien (also known as Young Emperors) often share their coordinating outfits. They noticed that their clothes started to coordinate when they spent more time together and worked together, and eventually fell in love with each other. Often featuring denim, coordinated color palettes, and staple items like button-up shirts that go well together, these pairs make getting dressed and matching (sometimes, down to the nail art!) look easy.

Ahead, we exchanged a few messages with the couple to hear more about what coordinating outfits with your significant other is like. And whether or not they want to start dating, you’ll probably be charmed by these two people and their style.

Would You Match Outfits With Your S.O.?

Fashion in relationships can sometimes be a funny thing. Maybe you love your partner‘s style, but don’t really like it yourself.Perhaps you’ve fought tooth andnail to convince them to getrid of the one item theyhate or have bought them somenew replacements as gifts just toget their attention.There are couples who match eachother perfectly in terms of looks,personality, and lifestyle. If you’veever visited South Korea, thenyou may have noticed thatmany couples dress similarly.This is because manypeople there use a “couplook” to show othersthey’re an “item.”But it isn’t just happeningin Asia.It’s happening everywhere.French matching coupleand photographer NelsonTiberghien (also knowas YoungEmperors) oftenshare theircoordinating outfits.They noticed that theirclothes started to coordinatewhen they spent more timethroughout working together,and eventually fell inlove with each other.Often featuring denim,coordinated color palettes,and staple items likenow shirt that go welltogether,these pairsmake getting dressed andmatching(sometimes,down to the nailartwork!)look easy. Ahead,we exchanged a fewmessages withthe couple tohear moreabout what coordinatingoutfits with yoursignificant otheris like.Andwhether or notthey wantto startdating,you’llprobably becharmedby these twopersonalities andtheir style.

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